SICAV activated carbon are manufactured in different ways each one with different activities and physical properties for to satisfy the wide range of applications:
  • Powdered activated carbon:for water treatment and alimentary use.
  • Granular Activated carbon:for water and waste water treatment.
  • Pelletized activated carbon:for treatment of air, gas and solvent recovery.
  • Impregnated activated carbon:for adsorbment of particular substances.
For reactivation SICAV use two rotative furnace that work at controlled atmosphere and different temperature, according to types of activated carbon treated. The use of two different furnace allow to avoid the contamination of products used in alimentary field with those used in industrial field.
The advantages of reactivation: the reactivation of exhaust activated carbon, when it is possible, is always advantageous operation. SICAV carry out the reactivation of exhaust activated carbons keeping separate the different lots, giving back at each customer own product.
The movement of activated carbon: SICAV use suitable equipment and specialized staff for to carry out the operations of emptying and filling of filters containing activated carbon.
Analytical control of activated carbons: SICAV has an internal laboratory purposely equipped for to make several analytical tests on activated carbons.