Quality, environmental and safety policy
In order to answer at increasing demand and requirement of market , the company management do a continuous checking on own activity, promoting action at improving the company performance, customer requirement and environmental needed.
The model of SICAV management has been developed according the international rules UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, EMAS and BS OHSAS 45001:2018. It is inspired at management principle for quality and environment, in particular:
  • Tendency to the customer, environment and safety
  • Staff involvements
  • Approach at the management based on processes
  • Continuous improvement through definition and achievement of targets
  • Pollution and safety hazards prevention
  • Environment protection and verifying own environmental impact
  • Prevention and care of workers health and safety
SICAV Spa, are trying to reach high improvement levels in the quality of own products and services, answering at all demands coming from market and to tend at excellent quality levels. Moreover is our goal a continuously environmental performances improvement in order to protection of external health and environment.
At these scope the management intend guarantee the achieving of the following objectives to achieve:
  • The achievement of customers satisfaction and satisfaction index of products on services supplied
  • Environment prevention and protection.
  • Prevention and care of workers health and safety.
  • The efficiency of own management system and its internal processes, by satisfaction of rule and contractual requirement. Careful verifying of production steps and services supplied.
  • Organization efficiency: by control about the costs reduction of products, services and processes.
  • Continuous improvement of own products and management system: by technological innovation and technical development of resource, included the staff professional growth.
  • Development of new products and services able to satisfy needed of customers, environment.
  • Promotion of environment and safety sensibleness of whole staff.
  • Verify and continuous reduction of effects on environments of own activities, guaranteeing a continuous improvements of environmental performances.
  • Continuous valuation and analysing of working risks ensuring continuous improvement about safety performance.
  • Preventive control on environmental effects of new products and production processes and connected risks for workers health and safety.
  • Elimination or reduction of environmental pollution by best available technologies, of course they have to be economically advantageous.
  • To take care of natural resources
  • To minimize the production of waste and the management of treatment without risk for man and environment.
  • Elimination of accident that involving environmental and safety aspects restricting effects.
  • Where it is possible,Involving, suppliers and commercial partners on own activities that have significant effects on environment and safety.
  • Availability at open dialog with local authorities representative and schools.
  • Respect of laws and environmental rule with constant updating of them.
  • To take up upgrades of news introduced from voluntary adopted rules.

SICAV believes that the management of customers, environment, health and safety of workers protection is not only a task of staff with direct contact with customers, environmental and safety problems but it is a problems of entire company, inseparable from company mission. So this management has to be planned from head office. The company knows that for to guarantee of objective of quality and environment and safety require a constant obligation from all company staff.
The head office believes in these principles and it promotes quality and safeguard about environment and protection of workers health and safety.